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Hilton Marriott has announced the opening of its first hotel in Pakistan in response to the problems of the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry. The tradition of hospitality at the world's largest hotel chain Hilton Hotel is as old as the country itself.

Pakistani companies and investors should take advantage of the business-friendly environment and invest in the liberated area, "he stressed. The money earned from the sale of precious stones in the Swat and Shangla districts of Pakistan was used by the Taliban for terrorism.

The United States has been one of Pakistan's most important investors over the past two decades. BP Pakistan Exploration is doing its best to improve Pakistan's economy, and its resources are also much finer. Apart from the SDGs, the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is well positioned to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Given that the US is undergoing a major transformation, it will be much easier for the industry to be part of official efforts to achieve the SDG and improve the overall well-being of Pakistani citizens.

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More About Islamabad