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Thousands of Pakistanis associated with the real estate sector are in the midst of an economic crisis as the industry faces a billing in the market. Without a sustainable career, more and more women in Pakistan are turning to building to maintain their careers, shunning the shackles of traditional expectations.

The Expats' Guide to Investing in Pakistan Property gives you comprehensive insight and useful guidelines to ensure you make a safe and profitable investment in Pakistan. The security of your investment is the first and most important aspect to keep in mind when investing in real estate in Pakistan. You must therefore also take into account the safety of Pakistanis living abroad. While this guide is mainly about safe investments in India and Pakistan and can help people living as wells in and outside Pakistan, it is also useful for investors who cannot visit Pakistan during the year or who currently have no access to a reliable source of income, such as a bank account or credit card.

Supervision of property supervision creates an incentive for traders, especially Pakistanis abroad, to invest their hard-earned money in the sector without fear of fraud.

We need to guard against fraudulent practices in real estate transactions and ensure that we recruit the best and most experienced professionals in the sector to complete the real estate business for us. ZEM Builders is there for you to respond to your need to invest in good investment options.

As one of Pakistan's most successful real estate development companies, we have already launched many projects that have attracted investor attention, such as Bahria Town Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which has had a positive impact on the real estate market in Islamabad and the country as a whole. Where the real estate markets in Lahore and Karachi flourish, Islamabad has been trailed by them, with almost all prominent areas of the capital performing poorly, with the exception of DHA Islamabad. The Bahriya Town project has emerged, but it has not attracted investor attention.

Pakistan's economy is in a critical situation, and there is no doubt that the real estate market is one of the main drivers of Pakistan's economic growth. Property prices in Pakistan are showing an upward trend, driven by demand from Pakistanis abroad who are investing in real estate.

Given the surprising level of passion that the real estate issue can evoke among Pakistanis, I will start this article with a categorical statement, which I am not saying, but with reservations, let us come to what is being said. Pakistanis invest a little too much in real estate, and we would all be better off as individuals and as a country if we diversified into other asset classes. Sky Marketing is a global marketing and marketing consulting firm founded by Usman Alam with offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi.

Murtaza believes real estate needs to be revolutionized and redefined to set unprecedented and improved standards in Pakistan. Nawaiwaqt has written extensively about Pakistan real estate and its impact on Pakistan's economy and society. He has been consulted on a number of projects to discuss the real estate issue in Pakistan and has also seen initiatives to attract global investment.

CPEC is a mammoth project that will transform Pakistan's economy, and as a result, the housing market will boom in the coming years. This route is intended to make the country more attractive to foreign investors and investors from all over the world. When you invest in a real estate project in Pakistan, you should perform well not only in terms of your investment, but also in terms of your return.

For starters, Pakistan has a much higher number of high-quality real estate listings on Zillow than the US, but that is anecdotal when comparing the prices of similar listings from Zillow with those from the UK and US.

Still, that means Pakistani residential real estate is 67% overvalued, and that the price would need to fall by about 40% to reach the same level as the $1.5 billion US housing market. The World Bank calculates that the country's real estate wealth is between $300 billion and $400 billion, but if this figure is extended to Pakistan, the approximate number of real estate assets in countries worldwide is around $500-700 billion per year. That figure means that Pakistan's residential real estate market value is about $2.3 billion. That is too high because Pakistanis are putting too much money into real estate, because it is the only inflation - beating the asset class that everyone can trust.

The public real estate sector in Pakistan is unregulated, and therefore a large number of projects fail every year. Real estate, one of the most valuable assets of Pakistan's economy and a major source of income for many people, is another major problem for Pakistan's GDP. It may bring a guaranteed return, but many people lose the opportunity to hear about the money they earn. Indeed, investment in industrial real estate has proved extremely fruitful, as Islamabad has established industrial zones.

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